Super Dog Training is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal data while endeavoring to offer the best user experience. As such, we have created this Policy to enable you to understand the privacy practices for our website located at

We obtain only the website address, and NOT the email of site visitors to our Website page, user-specific details about which pages users visit or access on our site, the information presented by the visitor including survey information or contact us form.

The information we collect is used to enhance the content of our website and to adapt the content and structure of our site for each visitor 

With regards to cookies: We make use of cookies to ensure that site visitors are not repeatedly shown the same content and to send visitors to the right destination.

There are times we may utilize user information for new, unanticipated uses not earlier mentioned in our privacy policy. If our privacy practices change in the future, we will communicate with you to inform you of the changes to the policy and to offer you the option to opt out of such uses.

When it comes to security: We always utilize industry-standard encryption technology when receiving and transferring user data exchanged with our website.

Update: This Privacy Policy was last updated on: Friday, May 11th, 2019. Should we update, amend or make any changes to our privacy policy, those changes will be posted here.